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My son was born with PPHN and RDS and double pneumonia. He was in the NICU for 28 days. Prior to his birth, we were told that there was a chance he could have Down syndrome or worse he could have a tubal defect. Which means that if he had had a tubal defect he would be fine in the womb and when he was born he would have died immediately. Thankfully he didn't have either wrong with him. However, with PPHN and RDS alone they say there's a very rare chance of survival for babies. So naturally when I found that out I was thankful for my church family for making him a prayer baby blanket that they had crocheted for him. They also prayed for him and I couldn't be more thankful for that. My son was born on Christmas Eve and so I felt that even though he was in the NICU that it was destiny's way of allowing my husband and I to get closer to God and realize that God was there from the minute he came into the world. Naturally when I found out what all was wrong with him I broke the news to our family and in several different states at the same time every Day groups of family and friends gathered around and prayed with us we would call each other and pray together. At one point my son was acting as though he wasn't going to make it and that's when we got our nurses and family in the room morning and before bed and would say a prayer as we laid our hands on the prayer blanket that stayed on top of his incubator. A few days after that ritual he woke up from his sedation and was able to be taken off of life support! He is soon to be 8 months and now shows no signs of ever have been as ill as he was at birth til he was a few days away from being a month old!


both of my children are my miracle babies. I was 16 when I got pregnant with my first during my pregnancy I would start bleeding and get put on bed rest and then be ok. but during birth his heartrate dropped down to 43 then again to 37. They were prepping for C-section when he was delivered.
With my second I was told 3 times in 2 weeks that I was going to lose her. they sent me home with packets of numbers to call if I lost her and with a sterile cup to put her in.. I was heart broken.. at the time I was working and would find myself praying all the time. now she is a healthy 10 mo old (:


When I was 18, my gyno told me there was absolutely no chance I could get pregnant. My uterus is heart shaped, and sits right on top of my cervix. When I was 24, I managed to get pregnant, but miscarried at 8 weeks.

was 26, I conceived again. I found out when I was rushed to the ER with kidney failure. The on duty doctor practically begged me to abort, but I refused. My pregnancy required a lot of monitoring and care, but I refused to lose another child. I promised my "Wee One" that no matter what, if he'd hang in there, I'd do whatever it took. Even through diabetes, preeclampsia, SELF's disease, and on the verge of kidney failure, I brought my son into this world.


I hae had 8 miscarrages due to being diabetic. My oldest son is 7, and it was when I was pregnant with him that I found out I was had diabeties, then I just had my daughter in Feb of 2013. So when we want to have more kids, I prepare my body for months, and my doctor helps and follows my sugars close.


When I finally had a positive pregnancy test I was already at 30 weeks. My doctor didn't even know I was pregnant when I went in for my annual check up.

I had my suspicions, because my period was non-existant, but everytime I took a pregnancy test it came out negative. Needless to say, when we found out it was crazy. I carried my little man through 90 percent of my pregnancy and did not know. We was born at 41 weeks, healthy at 7 pounds 2 oz.


i was not supposed to be able to get pregnant, with either of my children. before mikey they said i would have to have fertility treatments because of my blood.

One of my tubes is completely destroyed, the other is so scarred and damaged, an egg getting through should have been impossible, on top of that, i have an extremely tilted uterus, and an IUD, which usually results in tubular pregnancies, but somehow she made it past all of that, both my children defied all the drs.


My brother was a miracle baby !! He was born 3 months early in 1970 , he was 2 lbs 2 oz and not expected to live . He is a normal healthy adult with no lasting effects of being born so early


my son is 14 , he survived meconium aspiration , he had ECMO surgury-heart and lung by-pass machine saved his life T BIRTH , his apgars were 0-0-2 , he is a miracle baby

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My miracle baby: your story
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