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How to make your own diapers

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You would need to invest a sewing machine. The cost can runs from $60 and UP.

Get variety of needles

good and sharp scissors (that is only for fabrics, nothing else! I learned this lesson the hard way.)

100% cotton fabrics

seam ripper (invest in 3 or 4 - this can be your bestfriend!)

There are ton of free diaper patterns floating around.


I think making your own diapers is a great way to save money. If I were making them, I would take a cloth diaper and make a master pattern out of it, then sew onto my own cloth.

I think it's also great because you can buy whatever patterns and snaps/buttons/velcro that you want to to make it specific to your needs. I would assume that the internet has patterns you could print out as well.

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How to make your own diapers
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