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What to do when my step children don't listen

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For one, don't try to pretend you are the actual parent (maybe with exceptions if you have mainly filled that role, the birth mother isn't involved, or it addresses the immediate physical safety of the child.) It's just rude, and it's not the same as having your actual mother around at all, as I'm sure you all realize.

Make sure boundaries are established in the beginning and stuck to... Not only between you and the child, but between you and the father in regards to the child.


If he still doesn't listen or do what he's told, I follow through with the consequence.

Should it be necessary, I get DH on board. Having a united front shows Henry that he can't get away with anything or manipulate one of us.

I'm sure with stepkids and blended families, it can be challenging if the stepkids have a different set of rules in their other house. You can and should reiterate your house rules. If they disagree with them, try to have a family meeting so everyone can share their point of view.

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What to do when my step children don't listen
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