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Differences between first and second pregnancy

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During pregnancy I felt him sooner than I felt my first child.He gave me typically warned about heartburn, but nothing unmanageable.It was his disposition at birth that threw me. He came out swinging his fists and when the nurse tried to measure his head, he grabbed the tape with both hands and gave a classic native warcry in her face.


I bought a fetal heart monitor a couple of weeks after my positive test with my second pregnancy and used it to help reassure myself things were okay. Baby #2 was conceived after 5.5 years of secondary infertility issues so I felt like I had reason to be cautious.


I took birthing classes with my first.During my second pregnancy I learned that there are independent lactation consultants who will come to your house or you can go to their classes. I wish I would have known about that in the beginning because that would have made nursing so much easier during my first baby!

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Differences between first and second pregnancy
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