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First birthday keepsake/tradition

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My polish FIL has a tradition he does with each grandchild on their first birthday. He lays a shot glass, dollar bill, and rosary in front of them. Whatever they grab determines what they will be when they grow up. The shot glass is a drunk, dollar bill is a millionaire, and rosary is a priest/nun.

According to the tradition my son will be drunk and my daughter will be a nun.


In Korea, reaching your first birthday is a big deal so there is a very traditional party/ceremony everyone does. Since Avery is half Korean we're going to incorporate her Doljabi ceremony in with her birthday party.

In the middle of the party we're going to change avery into her tradition Han Bok (Korean dress) and do her doljabi. A doljabi is when several items are placed infront of the baby and they pick whichever one they like. Each object represents a different skill or future path. Supposedly, whatever they pick will predict their future.

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First birthday keepsake/tradition
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