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When to buy first shoes for baby?

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When your child is learning how to walk, It's best for them to learn how to walk barefoot first. Then teaching them with and without shoes is best for indoor and out door. My daughter learned how to walk at 9 months and was walking with shoes at 9 and a half months at my wedding. She loves being barefoot which is best for their foot growth. Shoes are great while teaching them as soon as they start walking to develop their balance.


Malachi only wears shoes if we go out


I never put shoes on my babies until they were walking well. Noah is 15 months and has been walking for about a month and I still wont put shoes on him. It is best for them to learn to walk well barefoot. I have used the soft soled ones like Robeez to protect their feet if we are outside but otherwise no regular shoes.

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When to buy first shoes for baby?
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