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Natural treatments for ADHD: sports and exercise

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Many children with ADHD do much better if they are able to physically burn energy. Contrary to what many believe, the constant movement with ADHD children isn't a product of the disorder, it is a coping mechanism to help them remain focused. When they try to be still they struggle to maintain focus, but if they become overly dependent on movement to keep them focused then they miss things as well! So wearing them out with exercise and giving them other coping mechanisms to help with focus can really help deter behavior that may be problematic.


My 11 year old has ADHD and bounces of the wall from the moment he wake till the moment his head hits the pillow at night . I have found that the more physical exercise he gets every day the better . It helps him calm down and be able to concentrate more . I have noticed this last week since he has started middle school and doesn't have recess to get that exercise he is insane when he gets home and cant calm down . I am going to look into some sports for him after school !

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Natural treatments for ADHD: sports and exercise
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