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Tips for potty training your strong willed child

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I would set a reward chart,and whenever they went on the potty. They would get a reward.


When your toddler is ready to use the potty, don't force the idea let them go when they are ready and have a plan when they do go. Signs leading up to this milestone include dry diapers throughout the night and naps, when your toddler does not like to be wet or messy, when they have watched you and tried out their potty and they know pee and poop. After talking about the potty and they still won't go. Have patience. Get creative and buy books on potty training that you and your toddler can enjoy. Buy a potty training doll. Make a potty chart. Give positive reinforcements.


Patience, patience and patience. My 3 year old is so strong willed, it was driving me crazy. I felt bad doing this but I left her without training pants and underwear. She had her accidents but she didn't seem compelled to go into her potty. One night she was totally O_O She had pooped on the floor and was bug eyed. I explained to her what had happened and where it should go. She started using the potty after that. One thing I learned is that you definitely have to be patient. Consistency is really important too.


Takes time, be consistent. Watch for their signals when they're ready to go bring them into the bathroom and get them on the potty! I started by doing this after nap times, now more through out the day.


when my son was about 20 months old I took 3 days off from work and stayed home all day. I put my son in regular underwear and I would put him on the toilet first thing in the am and about every hour after that unless he eat or drank something then I would put him on about 15-20 mins after eating or drinking. I would also ask him if he had to go every once in a while to see if he could judge when he needs to go. if he had an accident in his pants I would have him sit in it for a min or two because he didn't like it and he would learn to know the feeling of having to go and hating the feeling of sitting in pee or poop. 3 days that's all it took. I even put him in underwear at night time after the 3 days and he never once had an accident and he is six years old today still no problems ever!! good luck to all the moms potty training!


Patience! Patience! Patience! That's the key in my book. All children potty train at different times. My daughter is strong willed. I introduced the potty and she wanted nothing to do with it. We got to the point of hit or miss if she wanted to go on the potty or not. You don't want to push a strong willed child. If you push, they will push back and it will end up being an argument and possibly decreasing potty training time. I let my daughter decide, granted it took longer than I would have wanted. One day she got up and decided she was done with diapers and that was it.


My oldest trained himself at 18 months so we lucked out. My oldest daughter we used the 3 day potty training method at 2.5 years and it worked! It's a simple idea that really works. It takes a lot of dedication on the parents part but in 3 days your LO will be trained


we are actually starting to potty train now. The youngest is a year old but I refuse to force it right now she goes to the bathroom every time I go I will let her explore her potty or sit on it but i refuse to make her sit on it or use it. I very much so feel she will when she is ready.


My biggest advice would not to force your child, wither they are strong willed or not. When your child is ready, they will let you know. I have a girl that works with me (who thinks she knows everything) and she is determined to get her 7 month old baby (this is her first) to be totally potty trained by a year old.

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Tips for potty training your strong willed child
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