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How soon can you feel movement: fluttering in pregnancy)

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You begin to feel movement between 16- 22 weeks pregnant. Most moms feel the movement earlier in subsequent pregnancies. The first fetal movements felt like a little fluttering--so light that I wasn't sure if that's what it was. I knew when her movements became stronger.

If you feel fluttering before that, I would say it's more likely to be gas. You tend to have more of those issues during pregnancy.


I felt the first flutter of life when I was 17 weeks along. Three weeks after that, I felt the first kick. It varies from person to person though. Since every woman and pregnancy is different, some may feel it sooner while others feel it later. I heard weight has a lot to do with it, but I am not for certain.

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How soon can you feel movement: fluttering in pregnancy)
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