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How to wash clothes for a newborn baby

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Before my babies were born i washed ALL of their new clothes so it was all ready for them when they arrived. I honestly washed them in cold water with regular detergent like Purex. They do sell a special detergent for babies, but I never thought it was necessary to use. If my babies ever started getting terrible rashes on their skin I would have switched to a more mild detergent. Luckily I never had a problem.


I always used a mild detergent for newborn clothes. I started out with something like dreft or a free and clear brand of detergent. This always was gentle on their skin. However, with my second and third children I just threw the clothes in with the regular wash and thankfully there were no allergies or rashes... so regular detergent worked well for my children.

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How to wash clothes for a newborn baby
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