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Pregnancy after a miscarriage

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Hi Kimberly Bruneau,

Thank you. My husband and i did wait for a year. I actually got pregnant for my 4th time last year and miscarried for my second time, and that miscarriage was harder on me than the first was because i was more emotionally involved with my 4th pregnancy


Hi Devin,

It is actually good to see the dentist during your pregnancy, because then any problems that do arise before or after you become pregnant can be taken care of, without anything happening to the baby.


Hey. Even this is my second pregnancy after a miscarriage and I’m really very careful. I recently had a toothache and I had to rush to an emergency dental care in Toronto ( http://www.emergency-dental-365.com/procedures/ ) and my dentist was very supportive and gave medicines accordingly. I was really scared since I have heard that dental treatment should be totally avoided during pregnancy.


I had miscarriage and It tore my world apart. Sometime I'm scare to have the same thing. I cannot be a pregnant easily I have to do it by INVITRO. But I really want a baby so I have to keep my faith!!


I had a miscarriage the 28th of April 2015. Since then I did not start my menstruation. We were trying directly after the bleeding and I also ovulated. So hopefully I am pregnant. Will test in a few days.


iv had 4 and now im 26 weeks with a little girl


I had one miscarriage(stillborn) before Julianna. It tore my world apart but two years later I got my beautiful blessing from God. Never lose faith God hears your prayers :)

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Pregnancy after a miscarriage
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