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Acitivities for a mom and daughter day

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Here are some things my daughters and I have done:

Tea parties

Shopping at the Mall

Thrift Store shopping

Do our nails together

Sitting outside beneath a tree chatting

Make soap together

Make cheese together

Having a sewing day


My daughter is such a girly girl so she loves getting her nails and toes done.

You can go to the park, movies, shopping, etc. I think the most important thing is that mommy and daughter get to bond and spend the day together. It's not about where you go or how much you spend as long as both of you are together alone spending time.


I think a fun mom and daughter day would be at home with some good movies, spending all day making homemade spa treatments. I think it can be adapted for big girls and small since you can make a lot of things from edible ingredients.

I'm thinking mayonnaise or coconut oil hair mask.

Avocado or honey face masks

Cucumbers on the eyes

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Acitivities for a mom and daughter day
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