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Mom, how do you feel about direct sales jobs

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I don't do direct sales, but that doesn't mean that I will knock them. I know many people that have become very successful with them!!


The thing that should really clue you in if it is not legit is if you have to pay in to get anything to start. The one exception to this is direct sales companies (like Pure Romance, Mary Kay, Mialisia, Thirty-One, Origami Owl, Sentsty) where you need to pay in so much to get your starter kit where you drive your own sales, vs. doing work and getting paid from a company for it.


My direct sales business makes the skeptics more skeptic since it has to do with alternative medicine and that's ok because most people have to experience what we have to believe in it.

I think you have to do your research and be passionate about the product/business for it to work too because enthusiasm is often contagious.

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Mom, how do you feel about direct sales jobs
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