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Formula for food cost for baby's first year

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Formula can be very expensive... a large container can cost upwards of 20.00. It is hard to figure how much you will use because each baby is different. However, powdered formula is much cheaper then the liquid condensed or liquid ready made cans/bottles. So that factor alone can help conserve needed funds. Also moms should be aware that WIC supplies formula and other basics for those who qualify.


I received WIC for my oldest when he was first born. I was so fortunate to receive help this way because there was no way I can be able to afford formula for the first year. One can of formula would cost $23. 4 cans of formula for a month would be $92 (give or take). A year's worth is $1,104. So um yea I was soo fortunate to receive help!

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Formula for food cost for baby's first year
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