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Moms, do you let your kids sleep in your bed?

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yes of course but not at the age of 6


Only after they have slept in there own bed for part of the night.


My daughter slept with in my bed with me from birth till she was about 6 and I couldn't stand her constantly moving and kicking any longer lol. I have a 4 week old son and he doesnt seem to care too much for sleeping in bed with me lol, He's more comfortable in his own bed I assume because he sleeps longer when he's in there. He currently sleeps in a rock n play(he loves it) in my room right next to bed.


No, my kids sleep in their own beds. All of my kids share a room with another sibling and it works out pretty good that way.


I co-slept with both of my kids and it worked really well for us. When I started doing it really it was by accident! I would take Mini into bed with me to nurse her and we would both pass out.

Bub just wouldn't sleep anywhere else. It was a matter of sleep or absolutely no sleep with him. Luckily my (now ex) husband was super supportive of co sleeping, this made it a whole lot easier to feel content with the decision.


Nope. Never got into that habit with my kids, for several reasons. I've had friends that co-slept with their kids for years, and then it was near impossible to get the kids out of their bed. I chose to sleep "train" my kids at an early age to fall asleep in their own beds. They always knew I was close by if they needed anything, but that they would be sleeping in their own rooms.


Yes I co-sleep with Juli, so does her dad. The three of of us share the bed but are extremely cautious. We didn't buy her a crib or pack'n'play so she sleeps with us. Some nights she'll sleep with my mom as well.

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Moms, do you let your kids sleep in your bed?
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