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Checklists for moms: Cleaning, organizing, and more

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I am huge on organization, checklists and following a schedule. It helps me get through the day much easier if I have a checklist and being able to check things off as I do them I know I don't forget things that way. I'll go through the list and get the harder things out of the way first then start working on the easier things. That way I'm not doing too much later in the day, I run all my errands in the morning when the kids are in school and only have the three youngest children with me.


Love all of your lists. I'd have too many to list. The hardest part is getting everyone to comply. It's an every day consistency thing.


I am huge on post it notes and to-do lists. I adore legal pads. What I don't adore is having a ton of papers laying around. So I adopted a smartphone and google chrome app into my routine called "Any.Do"

I can make multiple folders (lists) and set it on intervals (once per month, once per week, etc) It's not perfect, but it does help me a lot.


Since several of you took interest in organizational lists (goals, weekly chores, daily ​chores, planners, etc) I decided to upload them to a shared Google Drive so any of you who want them can just pick and choose which ones apply to you.

I put some of mine in a binder in plastic paper protectors so I can use dry erase markers on them for reuse. Others I have framed and glued to a board in my kitchen as a sort of household 'command center.' I use dry erase markers there too.


I get what she is trying to say but come on lets be real here when my little guy would cry is tiny little butt off I went down the checklist: Is he dirty, is he hungry, does he want to be held or play? If nothing worked I would lay him back down, close the door, make sure the baby monitor was still on and wait.

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Checklists for moms: Cleaning, organizing, and more
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