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I'm so stuck in that "high school" look.. Ha Ha jeans sweatshirts, tank tops, some t-shirts. Some day's it's a yoga pant day, but I always try to get dressed so I don't spend all day in my pj's if we are just staying home. If we are going out. Its Jeans, 2 tanks, or a tank and a shirt, maybe a sweatshirt and of course since its cold now my peat coat and scarf. I wish I could get a "new" more momma look. or just a more growen up look but who has the money for new clothes??


Ecclectic mix, lol! Basically, I like to mix all sorts of different fashions... strange ones, I think.

I wear a lot of comfy clothes- basketball shorts, tshirts, things like that... but that's just because I love to feel relaxed. I don't really consider it my “style” though.

I like sort a rockabilly look with a bit of hippie mixed in. So, vintage, goth, 50's housewife, alternative with tattoos and piercings and unnatural colored hair, etc.... plus some tie dyed skirts wrapped all in one.


Ummmm hmmm, comfortable boho type? I love the long maxi dresses, and long maxi skirts, with tank tops mostly. I love to wear things that are backless or have interesting back designs. David calls it 'Goodwill chic' because I get most everything at goodwill haha. :)


I don't wear "mom clothes". One of the perks of working downtown in a big office building is I get to buy myself nice suits and dresses and high heels! And they even stay clean the whole day long :-). But as soon as I get home, I'm in jeans/yoga pants...

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Moms, describe your clothing style
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