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Moms, do you have a hunter husband

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My husband isn't a hunter yet, but he's about to be. Now that we have finally made it back to Virginia (YAY!) and are looking for a house with land, he wants to use the forests here to go hunting.

He won't be doing it only for sport, but we plan to save the meat (I imagine it'll be mostly deer) for food because our goal is very much to get 'off the grid.' A garden, some chickens for eggs, maybe a milk cow, and some milk goats... I'm sure I'll still go to the store for stuff too, but I'd like to do what I can.


My husband hunts for the food, not for sport--he and I do not agree with sport hunting. I would never eat a deer, but that is just me.

I will never go hunting because if I shot an animal, I would cry.

I want my kids to grow up in the country as well.


Hunting appalls me.. of any kind.. sport especially.. but even for food... ugh.. HOWEVER.. I realize and am not naive.. I GET that it's a life style and how some people were raised.. My ex husbands step dad.. whom I'm still close with.. he hunts duck and we have a playful rivalry about it.. and no.. my kids will not learn to hunt duck.. ever.


No, my husband isn't a hunter. My dad hunted occasionally when I was a child. He had polio when he was a young child so walked with a limp (and brace when it wasn't aggravating his skin) but didn't let that stop from doing things he enjoyed.

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Moms, do you have a hunter husband
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