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Moms, how to find time to squeeze in a shower

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Usually when she's sleeping in the morning I like to jump in. But some days I'm just too tired to get up early so I put cartoons she likes on and put her into her car seat on the middle on the bed strapped in and stick a bottle in her mouth and jump in. She's really good there for at least an hour which is more than enough time. Or I trick her and give her a bath which means she's be napping when she's done.


My husband was not very hands on when our kids were little.

If one of the kids would cry, I would say "please pick them up and hold them for a few minutes for me. I am exhausted". Another thing I started doing was showering at night. That was his time to take care of the kiddo. I would take a nice, long shower and have that time to de-stress and just let go of the anxiety.


What I have been doing so far is... I either wait until I have just fed Monroe or just bathed Monroe.. I get the bouncer out, set it next to the shower, get him all settled in there, bouncing, music playing, paci in.. and wait until he either seems content or about to doze off.. then I hop in!

Post bath.. he ZONKS out.. and sometimes, in the morning when he is super happy.. he just chills :)

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Moms, how to find time to squeeze in a shower
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