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Is it okay for young babies to just wear a diaper?

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I think it all depend on how comfortable the parent is and how young the child is! I got 2 boys ages 2 and 1 and when they home alone with me or there daddy is just fine to be just in diapers but a soon as company are coming they will be in full cloth ( pants and shirt) I really don't trust anybody around my kids being undress even though they toddlers and boys i still don't what anybody seeing there body. BUT IS ALL UP TOO THE PARENT AT ALL TIMES!


I think it is totally fine as long as the weather or your home is warm enough . I had one of my babies born in late may and it got hot and when we were at home he was just in a diaper a lot . This summer has been really hot and Noah has spent most of the summer in a onsie or just a diaper . They can get over heated easily when they are babies so its a good way to help keep them cool if it is really hot .


I think it is perfectly fine for a baby to just wear a diaper. If it is a hot day I will let my baby hang out in just a diaper. I will usually put a onsie on if we are going out in public. As long as a baby is not too cold then nothing is wrong with a baby just wearing a diaper. We even let our baby have naked time at home!

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Is it okay for young babies to just wear a diaper?
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