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Old mom vs young! What do you do better

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Being both a young mother(had my first at 15) and an older mother(35), I find the biggest difference between the two is worrying......I definitely don't hover over my youngest the way I did with my oldest! May be just because after the first three kids, I resigned myself to certain truths....children will get into everything, children will fight, children will put EVERYTHING in their mouths......after awhile, you just get used to it!


My mom "the older mom" does have her at home remedies that worked with me and my sisters. My mom uses her kniwledge with my kids and they LOVE it. Me "the young mom" that DOES look everything up uses a little of both. So my kids benefit from both but I have to say they love my mother's ways of doing things because it seems more loving and nurturing. A spoonful of medicine and getting tucked into bed for the day is nothing to them compared to, homemade chicken soup, "magic star" tea for a sick tummy


I think is a little different " Old moms" do lots of home remedies and took kids less to the doctor, "new moms" like myself research for EVERY single thing i am going to give or do to my kids but overall they just moms that are trying to be the best they can for there children!!


I was never a "young mom" but I can tell you the difference between me as a 20-something mom and me as a 30-something mom.

I am a much more patient person than I used to be. I don't stress about every single thing and realize how truly precious time is every day. I think I am a better mom now than I was years ago and that is because I have matured, had more life experiences, and have learned so much more.


I wasn't a young mom when I started to have children, compared to some, since I was nearly 27. I believe time, age and my children have made me a better person than I was at 27. I am more patient and tolerant of certain childish behavior than I use to be. I am generally a more relaxed mom, except if I am stressing about something else!


I think older mothers might be a bit more wise in that they might have a better steady job and more financially secure. She might be a bit more prepared for a baby and have a lot more support.

A young mom still has a lot of energy (even if it leaves after baby is born, it'll still be more than an older mom) and I think younger might be easier to get pregnant.


I do not think I was ever a young mom...although I felt young! I had my first child at 28... and my last at 32.. so I still feel young but in the realm of motherhood my age is balancing toward to old side.

One thing I can say is that age has afforded me more stability. I was able to find lucrative WAH jobs since I had my college education out of the way already and being older gave me more patience than what i would have had if I were younger.

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Old mom vs young! What do you do better
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