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I want only one baby. How important are siblings for a child?

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I think that having a baby should only be done because you want more children. Siblings are a great built in way of learning social skills, but there are many other ways to teach your child those skills.
Having or not having siblings will not make your child better or worse. I know a lot of people who are only children and they are just as healthy and well adjusted as the people I know who have siblings.
If you want to have more than one child then great. But if one is enough for you then that is great as well.
There are people that wish they had siblings, but then there are people that wish they didn't have siblings.


in my opinion having a sibling is a most at least one more sibling... my mother have 4 children and the memories that we have are just to funny, but in my husband case he's 29 yr old and his sister is 16 yr old and they dont interact like my sister and brother do with me!!!


I would say that siblings are very important. Even if there is only two that is better than an only child. If you have only one child he/she will reach out for that type of companionship else where and all you can do is hope it is in the right places. I could not have imagined to grow up alone. You need someone to spend time with and grow up with. You need someone to go through everything with you, someone who can relate to everything you feel. I just lost my dad and I never realized how much my sister loved him. We have been through a lot together and I'm glad I have had her my whole life, except the first 2 years of course.


Having only one baby is a totally personal decision because there are pros and cons both ways. Some studies hint toward only children being smarter. At the same time, other studies say children with siblings may be better at social situations and compromising. I will say, though, that I was an only child and it did get pretty boring that I was the only one around. It can definitely go either way.


my fiancee and i keep getting into this discussion. I'm only 9 wks in, but him being an only child with divorced parents wants to stop at this one. Although, me being 1 of 5 children in a large family (lots of cousins) feel like they need sibling around..its just hard explaining why to someone who has not have those memories to share..

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I want only one baby. How important are siblings for a child?
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