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What happens when your friends start having babies

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We never see eachother because their "babies" can't handle anything... Our son is very outgoing and loves people and can go most anywhere. He can handle being up past bed time if we are out and about... our friends kids can't handle anything they don't like people we can't even go out to supper because their lil one will cry because they leave them in their carseats and don't let them sit at the table with the rest of us.. AHHHhhhh its so frustrating... but I'm not going to tell thiem how to parent that's not my job.


When my friends started having babies it really did change the friendships. I was focused more on my career when most of them had kids and we ended up just being in totally different places in life.
Even now that I have kids the friendships are still different because our kids are not the same ages. We don't normally talk very often and when we do it is not normally for long. It is sad, but also understandable.


Things change when your friends start having babies, that's for sure.

If you're all around the same stage in your lives, it may incite you to try for a baby. It also may make you want to run screaming away from the idea when you see how tired they are.

If you do get pregnant within a couple years of one another, you might find one another relatable and an amazing support system.

If you struggle with infertility, you may find yourself harboring some subconscious resentment, despite your best efforts. I think it's normal to feel this way, even if you're happy for your friends. It's not fun to be left in the dust, but you can always make other friends who are going through the same things as well.

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What happens when your friends start having babies
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