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When can my baby start using a front facing car seat?

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My convertible car seat will allow for my son to be rear facing up to 40 pounds, then forward facing for up to 70 pounds, so I'm going to try and keep him rear facing as long as I can because it's much much safer. But he's a big boy, so if his legs start getting to cramped up I'll switch him earlier. He's currently 14 months old. I definitely want to keep him rear facing until 2 years old if I can.


Nina is front-facing and she's only 13 months. She outgrew the rear-facing side and she'd get mad because she wasn't comfortable with her legs all scrunched up so we turned it around and now she's as happy as can be in car rides. She watches out the windows and has a blast. We weren't going to buy a new rear-facing car seat just because she's a one year old in 2T size clothes and twice the size of normal one year olds.


I had a conversation with a friend awhile back about car seats and when it's safe to face rear-facing to forward facing. Her 1 year old is already sitting front-facing and I was like HUH?? I understand everyone has their own beliefs. My daughters pediatrician recommended not facing them forward until they're two years just because it's safer (and studies say children are 5 times more likely to get hurt worse in a car accident when they're in forward facing before 2 years old). My oldest is now 4 and she seats forward, while her sister , who is 19 months, sits rear (and I'll keep it that way til she is 2).

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When can my baby start using a front facing car seat?
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