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Funeral songs for mom to child

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I really am liking the song: Dancing in the sky by Dani & Lizzy. It's such a great song that is peaceful in a way. It can be played for a young child's funeral or an older child. Although it's a short song it's get me emotional every time. I didn't chose any certain songs for Leilani's funeral just Precious Child by Karen Taylor-Good. If I would of heard Dancing in the sky then I would of chose it! Check it out, great song @ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gw1h7wPkH1w


When my son died from SIDS, we played With Arms Wide Open by Creed, I'll Be Missing You, and some other songs at his funeral/wake.

I would pick out your favorite songs that you listened to while pregnant, or after the child was born. If it's an older child, play his/her favorite song/songs.


Trey, my friend, was an avid musician and composer, so music was very, very important to the service. We used songs that would fit his personality, songs he enjoyed, songs to remember him by, songs he loved to play, and songs that spoke his message.

Since we did a non-religious service, the inside of the memory pamphlet thing had lyrics instead of a prayer. We used a quote from Viva la Vida by Coldplay.

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Funeral songs for mom to child
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