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My pregnant belly: Do's, don't's, and more

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I am intolerant of people walking up and touching on me. You have to touch me to "touch" the baby and I dont like being handled by strangers or even family and friends unless they ask. It's a respect thing. I also dislike when someone tells you how big you are and that you must be having twins or ready to pop now. i know what changes are happening and having to put away my fav summer outfits let me know enough without you telling me i'm large...


Luckily I didn't get too many people that took it upon themselves to randomly touch my belly. I do remember this one time that a women that I literally don't even know her name, I just saw her a couple times in passing at work (very large place with hundreds of people) and she randomly walked passed me, said "damn girl, you look like you're ready to pop" and put both hands on my belly.I don't know what it is about a big pregnant belly that screams please random stranger, touch me and rub me without permission...


I have pictures from when I was really pregnant of my whole belly being off to the side. Makes you wonder what they are doing in there.lol

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My pregnant belly: Do's, don't's, and more
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