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My baby is premature and tiny. How take care of him?

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My oldest was a month early. They rushed her off to NICU, but she was able to breathe, eat, and sustain body temp on her own so she didn't stay in NICU long. I had to feed her every 2 hours, even through the night. Instead of letting her sleep through the night, I had to wake her up and feed her. It was hard, since I just wanted to rest. She slept constantly too. But, if I didn't feed her every 2 hours, she wouldn't get her weight up. She only weighed 4lb 7oz. when we left the hospital.


My step-daughter Kylie was premature and the nicu gave her cereal right from the start to help her acid reflux and keep her food down so she could gain weight.

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My baby is premature and tiny. How take care of him?
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