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Is there such a thing as 'perfect moms?'

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No mom is perfect. We all do our best. We all have our own way of raising our children. Teaching your child to be kind, respectful and loving is what parents do. We all lose our cool, our kids throw fits, our house is a mess, but that is being a parent with kids. Take time to enjoy your children and your life. Don't worry what other's think, because you know what is best for your children.


We are all made in God's image..unfortunately "perfect" is for those who make no mistakes and as a species I believe we ALL yes ALL make mistakes,,we make mistakes and learn from them..so sorry I don't believe in a perfect person and definitely don't believe in a perfect parent


"Perfect" moms are those ones who are always telling you you're doing it wrong, and only their way is the "correct" way. Haha!


In my opinion every mom is perfect, we all make mistake, some of us do more than others and in our eyes WE JUST PERFECT!!!


We all make mistakes. It doesn't matter if you've somehow trained your entire life to be a mother, you -will- mess up somewhere; but guess what? It will be ok! It doesn't matter if you make tons of money, hire the best tutors, the most amazing nannies, and send your kids to the most expensive, prestigious schools in the world and they were reciting Shakespeare in Gaelic at 3 months old.

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Is there such a thing as 'perfect moms?'
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