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Icebreakers activities for kids at school

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Kids new to the school experience and returning students alike can get a case of the jitters and feel nervous so a few icebreaker activities can help them feel at ease.

One song kids like is "Who stole the cookie from the cookie jar?". Write down the children's names on name tags and have them wear their own. Then gather the children in a circle and start the song by naming one of the other staff. "Who stole the cookie from the cookie jar? Mary stole the cookie from the cookie jar."

Mary replies "Who, me?"

Class responds "Yes, you."

Mary: "Couldn't be!"

Class: "Then who?"

Mary: "Amy stole the cookie from the cookie jar."

Continue the song until each child is named.

Another ice breaker is show and tell. Notify parents 2 weeks before school starts that you will have show and tell on the first day and ask that their child bring in 5 small items in a paper bag. These items can be photographs, stuffed animals, a prized rock, or anything that has meaning to them. Have children explain what they are and why they picked those items to show.

Here's one kids will love - candy introductions. Let children pick 1-5 pieces of candy (M&Ms or something small works best) and tell them to sit in a circle and do NOT eat the candy yet. When called on, have them count how many candies they have and whatever number it is, they must tell that many facts about themselves. It could be their name, age, if they have pets or siblings, favorite color, etc.

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Icebreakers activities for kids at school
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