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What are some Superman games for kids?

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What kid hasn't pretended to be Superman at some point in their lives? Superman has super strength and can fly!

Challenge your kid's inner Superman by introducing some of these Superman themed games at their next birthday party.

Play pass the kryptonite by having the children form a circle. Give your child a green ball or a green glow stick to represent the kryptonite. Start playing the Superman theme song and tell the children to keep passing it to each other but don't get caught with the kryptonite when the music stops. Reward the last player standing with a red cape.

Superman leaps over tall buildings so have the children decorate various sized cardboard boxes to make them look like buildings. Arrange the boxes in an obstacle course and tell the children they must race to the finish line by leaping over the tall buildings. The fastest one wins a prize.

Pin the S on Superman. Print out a large picture of Superman and hang it on a wall with the S from Superman's chest removed. Each child gets blindfolded and is given a cutout S with a pieced of velcro or rolled up tape on the back, then instructed to pin the S on Superman's chest.

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What are some Superman games for kids?
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