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Best age for getting kids to do chores

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Age appropriate chores for toddlers and kids:
2-3 years
Help make the bed.
Pick up toys and books.
Take laundry to the laundry room.
Help feed pets.
Help wipe up messes.
Dust with socks on their hands.
Mop in areas with help.
4-5 years
Clear and set the table.
6-8 years.
Help out in cooking and preparing food.
Carrying and putting away groceries.Take care of pets.
Vacuum and mop.
Take out trash.
Fold and put away laundry
.Help wash the car.
Learn to wash dishes.
Help prepare simple meals.
Clean the bathroom.
Rake leaves.
Operate the washer and dryer.
13-18 years
Replace light bulbs and vacuum cleaner bags.
All parts of the laundry.
Wash windows.
Clean out refrigerator and other kitchen appliances.
Prepare meals.
Prepare grocery lists.


As soon as my son could move we were getting him to help put his toys away when he was done... I was (and still am) in the mind set that if he learns to pack up when he is done from when he starts it will be automatic when he is older - and now that he is 2 it is automatic... He plays with the ball, when done he puts it away before playing with something else.
His other "job" is feeding the cat as he was always playing with the cat food we showed him how to put the biscuits into the cat bowl without making a mess and he has been doing that for the last 6-8 months. (and he no longer plays with it)


As early as three. Let your children have little chores to let them learn about responsibility. You can also notice that they like it when they are given chores or simple tasks.


Breanikas four she puts the silverware away with the exception of knives of course. She also makes her bed and puts her dirty clothes in the laundry. So I would say 3 or 4 depending on their personal level of understanding.


Even at age (1) they can pick up their toys.. and help throw away some things..

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Best age for getting kids to do chores
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