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Best vitamins for kids: what's your choice?

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We go back and forth between brands, it depends on what's on sale. We look for vitamins with no sugar, extra cod liver oil, vitamin C, vitamin D and calcium.


During the winter I buy my children Young Living's Kids' vitamins. I cannot afford them all year round for eight of them, unless I want to stop buying my essential oils and I don't! I save my rewards points and can get the vitamins free.


i remember flintstone vitamins! Saw they were out there... my children like the gummy vitamins better than the chewables!


To be honest, I tried to give it to my boys when they were young but they didn't care much for it. They said it tasted nasty. I need to find gummy kinds, in a flavor they like.

I know there are few, like Lil critters and Disney..

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Best vitamins for kids: what's your choice?
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