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Describe the most neurotic mom you know

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I think that the most neurotic mom I know is someone who constantly is hovering over her child. She goes through lots of hand sanitizer. She won't let her daughter have sugar or salt or meat. She won't let her child have dairy or any treats. If she has a party to go to she makes special cake for her child. There aren't any allergies or reasons she just doesn't want anything she deems bad in her child.


I know several moms like this...actually, it's pretty much every new mom within the last few years. They can't let their baby out of their site. For instance, they are upstairs napping and you wouldn't be ale to get anything done because you couldn't bear to be away from them. If they are sleeping, you walk in and wake them up and bring them to bed with you.

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Describe the most neurotic mom you know
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