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How to get money for kids: teens first job

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my 1st job was at 15 at a white castle just for 4 hrs 5 days a week and I got payed decent to help out with minor things at home, my sister was the block babysitter she was 13 yrs old but she only did it after school from 5 pm to 8 pm... my brothers help out elderly ppl to clean the backyard or on snow days nothing major. And we all had to give at least $20 from what he had!


My first job started when I was 12. I started cutting grass in our trailer court. I made $100 a week then in my senior year I went to school half a day and started working at Kings Dominion. Fast food places are great first job for teens also. Being a dog walker is a pretty easy first job and most teens love animals. Being a cashier at like walmart or something is a good first job also


My first job was at 15. I worked at Friendlys scooping icecream. 15 was when working papers were issued in our school. I think it is a great idea for teens to work. I know it taught me responsibility and independance. Once I had experiance working I was then hired by an attorney at 17 years old. My favorite job! Getting your foot out there in your community can help you achieve lifetime goals.


My first job was when I was 16 at McDonald's. It was actually a great experience. I learned quite a bit about work ethics and having pride in the job you do. We were taught the importance of smiling and kindness,courtesy, how to properly count back money, the importance of always appearing clean and proper, being efficient and accurate , and how to be a part of a team.


Our daughters have volunteered with us since they were young. None of them have really had a job outside our home/business until now. Our girls will be farm sitting for our neighbor/friend this weekend. They are very excited about the opportunity. While we were there our neighbor's friend came by and she will be going away next month and mentioned the possibility of having our girls take care of their animals. Sooo....the girls are really hoping that works out. Not only for a bit of extra cash but because they truly love animals and helping out.

Our oldest daughter has blogged for income. She also writes for two mom bloggers and earns money that way. Now that she is looking at college expenses, I have been trying to give her more paid opps through my blog as well.


Most of the jobs at any restaurant or grocery store they have to be at least 16 . My boys wanted to do some work this summer but It is about impossible to find anything . I have even looked for anything ,like people needing yadr work or things like that done , it is very frustrating . Our local paper hires teens but they are full for the summer .


When I was a teen I had a paper route, have you looked into them mowing lawns or helping neighbors do odd jobs, helping with a nursing home. Local thrift store or something might hire for them to sweep and dust shelves.

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How to get money for kids: teens first job
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