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Did you take pictures of your placenta?

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That is the last thing, well one of many, I would want to see. I am curious as to what it looked like. I suppose I can another individuals but not mine. Lol

I did see a pic of one online and it looks like rotted meat. It is so gross. Lol I almost didn't want my coffee...


I did! I was very curious to see what it looked like so I asked my husband to snap a picture so I could see it. Many of my doula clients have asked me to take a picture of their's as well. It is kind of gross but amazing to see what was feeding and growing the baby all that time.


Ew, no way! To me, that is totally disgusting and my hubby thinks so as well. That is not a "keepsake" I would want. I saw too many female dogs' placenta and, trust me, it is not pretty. Yuck!


No I did not , not really something I wanted to remember LOL . My husband wouldn't even look in that direction when I was delivering the afterbirth . I remember with my 3rd birth the nurse decided to give a leason about the placenta to the friends of mine that were in the delivery room . She was holding it up and telling them all about it .

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Did you take pictures of your placenta?
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