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Developmental signs that your children are gifted

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Cynicism well beyond their years. Deep curiosity and fascination. A boodle of questions about everything. A not-infrequent look of “you must be kidding me.” Enjoying bouts of solitary time. Taking apart household items. A refusal to take “just because” as a legitimate or worthwhile answer.

Well-developed language skills that may be more mature than their peers. Whether reading, writing, or speech, a firmer grasp of the language can be an indicator of being gifted. The same goes for math skills or art skills too.


Giftedness is not just about grades, it is more about the desire to learn more and more and more. This can be in one topic, or overall. While a bright child may be happy to do whatever math problems are thrown their way, a gifted child will take the initiative to learn beyond what they are taught. They have a certain drive that makes it obvious that their thought processes are higher than their peers.

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Developmental signs that your children are gifted
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