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Sign of gifted Kindergarten children

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Kindergarten is usually a bit young to see if a child is gifted. Almost all of the children start off on different levels of ability based on what their educational experience has been like before kindergarten.

Usually three to four months in the students are for the most part on level with each other. The gifted child isn't just the child who gets the work easily. The gifted child will also be the one who does the work, and also figures out different ways to approach getting an answer. The gifted child won't just be a good speller. They are the child who has an extensive vocabulary and knows how to use those words too. The gited child is usually the one asking "Why?" when a concept is taught. They want to understand things and strive not to just understand the concept, but to understand every thing about it.

Generally you will notice children like this just have a higher level of thinking.

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Sign of gifted Kindergarten children
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