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How to tell if your kids are on drugs

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As a mother of an addict (now recovering), I do have to say I saw the signs in junior high w/him. He had a lot of issues, mainly ADHD and we moved to a public school so we could get help there. However, when he got there in 7th grade, he start huffing and I knew it b/c that was the "new thing to look out for". Even if I didn't know, there were changes in him that I could see weren't right. The cleaning fluids had no sprayer on them and there was a smell to him that to this day I can't describe, but when you are aware of something you know what to look for. He was my first born and yes, I made all the mistakes a first time mom would. But I grew up surrounded by addicts (meaning also alcohol, too). It is what it is. Then he got into pot smoking. After that he didn't graduate b/c he wouldn't go to gym. He had no self--esteem at that point and he was taking a lot of depressives and just didn't go. I was heartbroken. After that, he couldn't hold down a job (he could always get them). But he couldn't get up for work. I could write a book on all the behaviors, but all I am here to say is trust your gut IF you have that suspicion. Once you have it, you either move on it or denial kicks in. Start searching his room looking for any drug paraphernalia, i.e., foil missing or in their rooms, bottles of whiskey, beer, etc. Trust me, you will know. We did everything possible and it took until he was 23 to finally stop. He was drinking anything he could find in the garage, mouthwash, vanilla. They are very sick at this point. He couldn't hold anything down once he hit bottom. He would vomit immediately if he tried to drink. So as dark of a long period as this all was, HE had to do the work and we kicked him out when he was 21. I couldn't eat anymore, I lost so much weight people thought I was anorexic or had cancer and cried all of the time.. I planned his funeral in my head. So now the best part is he is straight but he does still suffer from depression and ADHD. He has no insurance and has been a busboy for a couple of years. So there is some good to it, but he probably won't have a long time on this earth according to our therapist b/c he would just drink alcohol straight and did it that early and often.. She said that is the worst way to die and he probably has a large amount of damage. I pray for him every day and some days are good and some aren't. I just am writing all of this so no other mom has to go through w/what I did. Get help for yourself immediately if you know they are doing drugs or drinking. I should have kicked him out sooner, but I couldn't do it......hardest thing NOT to do for a mom is enable. So God bless all of you moms out there going through this b/c this is a great website to get through what is happening with your child/teen/adult child. Good luck to all of you and remember, it's NOT your fault!!!



I would probably be able to tell if my child was on drugs. If I suspected that she was I'd ask her first and let her know the truth is the best thing in this situation. Second if she doesn't tell me the truth or what I wanna hear. I'll buy a drug test and make her take it. If my suspicions were correct she'd be in trouble for lying to me and not being honest. I'd take the next steps to get her off of the drug she's on.

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How to tell if your kids are on drugs
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