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Talking to kids about what they steal: what to say

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I've thought of this before even though Jay is still a baby. My cousin's daughter is 3 and I say this in the nicest way possible but she is super horrible. Her daughter steals every time they go somewhere and she thinks its funny. One time she went behind a counter and tried to steal something. Her mom doesn't punish her so the girl keeps doing it. When her mom does try to punish they little girl hits her and curses at her.

So from observing that if my child does steal. I'll make her put whatever she took back and punish her. If it happens to be a regular thing then she will be severely punished and I don't mean a spanking. Whatever age that she tries stealing is how I'll decide the punish. Ex. if she's a 3 yr old then she'll sit on the couch and not get up. Putting them in their rooms doesn't seem right to me because my 4 yr old niece that I watch actually convinces herself that she "wanted to play in her room and isn't in trouble". So I'll keep an eye on her and make sure her punishments be fully fulfilled. As she gets older the punishments will change.

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Talking to kids about what they steal: what to say
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