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The Hunger Games: parents ask if appropriate for kids

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I had no idea what Hunger Games were until this year. My husband rented the movie and we all sat down and watched it. My kids were very into it. They liked the thrill of winning over the land. They really didnt listen into the alchol parts..they just liked the thrill. It all depends on how mature your child is though.


With the Hunger Games movies I believe you have to judge your own kids ability to handle the content. The concept of the story is very dark and lots of kids may be bothered by the element of death in the story lines.

There's also topics such as racism and alcoholism that are great discussion topics if your child is ready for that kind of subject. The whole story is about class-ism which is a tough topic for kids to grasp if they don't understand economics.

If you feel like your child can handle the serious nature of the story though I would say let them watch.

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The Hunger Games: parents ask if appropriate for kids
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