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Kids and drugs: what to say to them?

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I want my daughter Autumn and I to have an open relationship with no judgement. She will learn about drugs, alcohol and cigarettes and how it can impact and destroy families. I want her to make good choices, but if she fails I will be there to not judge, but to teach her and hope that she will learn if she ever becomes overwhelmed with peer pressure or just becomes involved with drugs/alcohol and cigaretts.


Drugs the dreaded talk. Drugs has and still does have an impact on my family and also Isaac's. Jay will know about them and I'll let her know that that's not the life I want for her. It's a sad lonely life when your on that, people just think because your high that you're all good. But when you're no longer high you get sad, lonely, and mad, then you have no more power of your own decisions. Jay will know what impact it's had on both of our families and the outcomes. Sometimes good and sometimes sad. Lastly she'll know she can come to me about anything and everything at any point during her life.

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Kids and drugs: what to say to them?
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