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Should you hire a labor doula?

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I never did but my husband was my main source of help and comfort thru labor as well as the wonderful nurses . I have heard many wonderful things about them though and many women choose to have one . They help you manage labor and get thru everything during those long hours . They can be a support for you and your partner .


If I had the money-heck yes I would hire a doula. She is the go between between you and the medical staff in a hospital setting. That way all you have to do is concentrate on having that baby and she can take care of whatever questions anybody has for you.


the things I loved during labor were, how patient people were to me. My doulas love and care, being able to sit in a pool all day without being questioned or rushed. many women don't enjoy their pregnancy or delivery but I loved it all


As a doula I am there to support whatever choices that mom makes. I am not there to make choices for her or much her in one direction or another. I am just there to help her and support her.

I require all of my doula patients to take a childbirth class (I prefer my class). I also require all to make a birth plan with me. I want my patients to be able to make informed choices. I also want to make sure that I understand all of their needs and preferences.

Don't worry about your doulas feelings, you do what is best for you. I am sure that your doula will not be bother by anything you do or say. Just make sure you respect her time by keeping all appointments or giving notice for cancellations, pay her on time as agreed upon, make sure you let her know immediately when you think you are in labor so she can make arrangements for her children.

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Should you hire a labor doula?
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