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Preparing for labor: smart ways that will help you to get ready

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my last three were born naturally at home. Labor is labor. You really cannot prepare for it except to learn how to breathe through contractions, which I learned at Lamaze. That's about the only thing I recommend Lamaze for. ;) Your midwife or doula can help you.

To find a midwife, contact http://www.midwivesassociation.org/


The first one came so early that I didn't have anything packed and my mom had to bring me a lot of stuff.

With Andrew and Eva I had what I thought was 'the perfect bag'...and hubby was too embarrased to carry it through the hospital lol. Crazy men. So with Grace, I made sure it was small and light so I could just grab it when I went, or send a nurse after it if I was sent to L&D after an appointment.

I had nursing pads

extra bra

extra underwear

a few hair ties

hair brush




birth plan

clothes and blanket for baby

extra shirts for labor-I had a water birth and didn't want to be naked

That much stayed in the van for 7 weeks-I had it packed at 30 weeks, I always come early and wanted to be mostly prepared.


Fist of all , relax . The more you relax and go with the flow they less stressed you will be . Get as much rest as you can when you are nearing the time for labor . Stay hydrated and eat well and keep up with your exercising if you are still doing that . Once you are in labor , use the nurses , they a re there to help and will be a huge part of support for you . don't be afraid to ask questions and tell them what you want !!

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Preparing for labor: smart ways that will help you to get ready
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