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Midwifes or labor and delivery nurses: what's the difference?

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Well the midwife has more training and can provide prenatal care and can deliver babies . The labor and delivery nurses help you thru labor and delivery and help the doctor or midwife with your care and monitoring thru you labor . Now it is possible for them to deliver a baby in an emergency .I actually had the nurse with my 4th son deliver him , the midwife stepped out thinking I wasn't ready to push quite yet and he decided to come at that moment !!! She literally had to catch him !!! LOL


Midwifes have more training and they are qualified to provide prenatal care, deliver your baby and provide postpartum care. A midwife has many of the same responsibilities as a doctor.

Labor and delivery nurses are trained in caring for your while you are in labor and delivery. They help your doctor or midwife in handling your care. Nurses will follow the orders and treatment recommendation from your doctor or midwife. Nurses can deliver your baby in an emergency but they don't typically deliver babies.

Both are well educated and take great care of laboring moms.

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Midwifes or labor and delivery nurses: what's the difference?
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