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The benefits of playtime for babies

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Playtime for babies can be used as a learning tool, you see babies need to learn how to socialize and they also learn how to love through playtime. Babies who have playtime can form loving bonds, connections and start to gain understanding of emotions from playtime.

Another benefit of playtime for babies is to encourage use of imagination, creativity and love of play. As baby gets older, you will find that play is the best tool to teach children through. If babies have playtime from a young age, they will forever enjoy it and you can start to incorporate some learning skills - such as toys that teach ABC's and numbers as baby gets older.


Playtime is very important for babies. Babies learn through the time that they spend playing. As young babies, they observe and learn to reach and touch. As they get older, their skills develop.

I would often put Eliana down on the floor and let her play. She learned to crawl and then she was everywhere and so were her toys. Now, as a one-year-old, she plays pretend at times. And I can see the constant way that she is growing and developing.

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The benefits of playtime for babies
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