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What are your best poopy diaper stories?

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About story 3, he started to poop...and continued until we got off.. I only took one going home outfit.. He pooped EVERYWHERE. It was clear up to his neck and all the way to his toes. Not to mention the poor car seat. The nurses joked he was the first baby to take a bath in the bathroom sink (yes, they sanitized when we were done). He went home in one of those hospital shirts and we lined his car seat with the hospital changing pads and covered him with a hospital blanket-yes, he got his blanket, too. The story went in his baby book and it's one we will never forget.


When Selena was a month old we were out shopping, we left the store and we had gotten down the road when I heard a rumble. The smell made me pull over into a parking lot that was miles from any store. I started to change her and realized there's no diapers in the diaper bag! I had napkins and tissues though so I removed what I could and put napkins in the diaper and put it back on until we got home. I always check the bag for diapers and keep extras in the car now too.

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What are your best poopy diaper stories?
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