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Pretty middle names for girls

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my husband picked her middle name out, he wanted christene as her 1st name, very pretty name, but as a first name everyone calls a Christene "Chrissy" i dont like that very much, so we moved it to the middle.


My daughters name is Miracle Noelle. Her middle name comes from my sister who passed away the year the before she was born.


we named her Nina Marie. Originally, we were going with the name Karigan (after a favorite book character of mine, and he also has a game character named Kerrigan that he likes), but we couldn't think of a middle name. "Nina" popped up as a possible middle name, but it was too pretty to be stuck as a middle name, and as soon as I thought of that, I tried to think of ways to make the name flow with a middle part..."Nina Marie" flows well and it's really pretty.

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Pretty middle names for girls
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