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Nursery vs. baby in hospital room with you

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Where I delivered my son and will be delivering my baby is at Faquier Hospital and they do not take baby to nursery unless they need special care. So my son stayed with us most of the nights. A few times we had the nurses take him into the hallway so we could get an hour or so of sleep. But this time baby girl will room with us and I wouldn't have it any other way. I am so excited!


I couldn't have my daughter with me because she was in thr NICU


When the baby is born he or she will go to the nursery. There the adoptive parents will be their to meet their baby. They will have the baby for a few hours and then the nurses will bring him/her in to meet Gio and I. During the night the baby will be in the nursery. I will have limited visitors and the adoptive parents will be with the baby in another room during the day. I can see the baby within the time we're still admitted but will choose to only a couple times.


I had our little James in the room with me <3 i loved it and so did David. He would get up in the middle of the night and just watch James breathe. Saint Peter's is where i delivered and they normally let babies stay in the room with parents, unless something is wrong. Then they take the baby into the nursery.


I had my babies in the room with my whole stay. I will keep my next baby with me in the room.


I wanted my son with me right after birth, but since I had a C-section, he was only shown to me. I wanted to hold him though. After they brought me to my room, I asked for him immediately. It felt like an eternity waiting for him. After that, he stayed with me because I waited for 9 months for him and wanted to see him as much as I could. Having your baby with you in the hospital room is a perfect opportunity to bond with your new arrival, especially if you have other children at home.


They used to have babies go to the nursery after birth but most hospitals now have baby room with the mom . With my first son he spent some time in the nursery but then I had them bring him to me because I just didn't want to be away from him . I think it is good for bonding and also for breastfeeding for the baby to be right there with you . I liked having the ne on one time to spend with baby especially when I had other kiddos at home .


I keep the baby with me. I go with them when they do the tests to make sure they don't try to give baby the bottle. I have a hard time trusting hospitals not to do that. The most Grace was in the nursery was 30 minutes for the hearing test. The pediatrician heard my wishes and came to the room to examine her (that and Grace was nursing constantly and there was no way I was going to make a three hour old baby stop nursing.)

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Nursery vs. baby in hospital room with you
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