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Potty training a boy ideas

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my boy refused to use potty so I decided to let him use the toilet at the age of 18months and it was great never troubled him again and he is able to control peeing the whole night even after taking drinks.


We taught him to pee standing up and we threw Cheerios and Fruit Loops in the toilet to aim at. H e thought it was the greatest, funnest thing ever!


so Im trying to potty train KaMauri but its not really going well... ( He will go booboo in the potty but not peepee ( only when he booboos) I am not a fan of pull ups cause all he does is pee in them and they do nothing. Everyone keeps telling me to just get big boy underwear ( trainpants) for him but Im scared its gonna be a big mess..


My 2 year old son is trying to potty train... It started when he was about a year old. He would tell us that he is pooped but wouldn't be until about 3 minutes after he told us. I tried to potty train him then but I knew he was a little too small so I didn't, force!? it. Now that he is a little over 2, he has been telling me 'peepee' and going to the bathroom. I've caught him several times in the bathroom by himself with his diaper off and him climbing on the potty to sit there. He refuses to use to potty chair, he wants to big potty.


We taught our boys to sit down to pee just to eliminate the mess.

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Potty training a boy ideas
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