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Tips for moms nursing a baby

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I can't imagine how hard it could be with a preemie or a baby with a tongue-tie. Between the pain in my lady parts and the pain in my boobs I felt like a walking bruise. I was exhausted and frustrated. Avery could latch, but no matter how perfectly I tried to attach her I would wince in pain every time. My nipples cracked and bled.

Then, around 3 months I was nursing and... nothing hurt.

Now Avery is almost a year old and has never needed formula. It was a long, hard road but I'm so glad I didn't give in.


Talk to a lactation consultant before you leave the hospital, they are there to help. Don't despair: Nursing is trickier than it seems, and may hurt at first. Try hot or cold compresses, and lanolin cream for sore nipples. Use a breastfeeding pillow or other soft support to help you position your baby correctly.


DD was born 6 wks early, and had no suckle instinct. Thus, she had to be taught to suck, and had to be bottle fed. She wouldn't feed from me until she was three months old. The point here is that everyone's experience is different. Don't despair... keep trying. If they never latch at all, then as long as you are providing the milk, there is no difference between the bottle and breast.


— newborns held skin to skin for an hour or two after birth my start feeding on their own… it is instinctual— distinctive scent! breastfed babies can practically pick their Moms scent out of a line up… pretty crazy right?— bigger isn't better… breast size has nothing to do with milk production— implants typically do not matter… in most cases they do not hinder feeding


It must be remembered that the child each day deprives the body of mother of one liter of liquid.Breastfeeding mothers should be cautious to eat grapes, plums, apricots, figs - the child may have diarrhea, abdominal distension. Chocolate, citrus fruits, strawberries, nuts, honey, tomatoes can cause allergic skin rashes. Alcohol is absolutely contraindicated to breastfeeding mothers .


The thing you have to be careful of with breastfeeding and supplementation is your milk supply. Whenever your baby gets food other than at the breast your milk supply will be reduced.

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Tips for moms nursing a baby
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